Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment

Setting up your own restaurant requires a lot of thorough planning on how your interior will look and more importantly how your kitchen is designed so you can efficiently serve your customers. One of the most important appliances for a restaurant kitchen is the restaurant refrigeration equipment. The refrigerator will be the spot to store large amounts of frozen food and other items so that they last longer. These refrigerators often provide more space than the standard refrigerators so you can expect to pay considerably more and that does not even include the maintenance and energy costs.

One way of minimizing the costs is to simply go for budget refrigeration equipment but like other kitchen appliances, you get what you pay for and it may come in the form of cheaper materials that can be subjected to corrosion, limited storage space, or high energy consumption. This leads to the temptation of getting a better second-hand model instead. Second-hand models undoubtedly look attractive especially if you check the features of the specific model. However, you should avoid getting these second-hand restaurant refrigeration equipment at all costs for these reasons.

Worn Down Construction

It is practically impossible to keep a refrigerator in perfect condition as you continue to use it. The best you can do is perform occasional checkups but it will never compare to the brand new models that are completely unused from the box. When you carefully observe the materials that build up these used refrigeration equipment, you will realize some signs of degeneration and rust. Even if you do not see these signs, they will show up much sooner than the brand new models. Unlike second hand cars and other expensive items, you may not even get the chance to inspect all aspects of the refrigerator ultimately making it not worth the risk.

Higher Repair Costs

Even if you think the low cost is worth the risk, you may find yourself with some unexpected deductions to your budget after you purchased the second-hand restaurant refrigeration equipment. Once a major component of the refrigerator breaks down, you will have no choice but to get it repaired if you wish to use the unit further. This is where the expenses add up because repair costs of these commercial grade equipment are usually higher. Get a brand new model and you will encounter these costs less frequently or perhaps even rarely if you spend some time maintaining the refrigerator equipment yourself.

Limited Options

There several manufacturers releasing new restaurant refrigeration equipment models that come with revolutionary features usually involving energy conservation. It is unlikely to find second-hand versions of these because people usually sell them so they can get a better replacement. You can find out how much you are missing out by comparing any of the second-hand models locally available to the latest ones out right now.

Therefore, getting used refrigerator equipment is disadvantageous in all aspects since the lower cost is only temporary relief. Getting brand new restaurant refrigeration equipment will ensure that you will not have to replace or repair the unit in a few years time.

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