Ice Styles – Choosing the Right Commercial Ice Machine

Before deciding if you want a modular or self-contained ice machine, an air-cooled or a water-cooled unit, you need to figure out what style is the best fit for your business. There are three basic ice styles available: cubed, flake, or ice nuggets. Each of these types have very different uses, which can impact your bottom line.

Cubed: Cubes are the most common ice style for bars and restaurants because they work well in mixed drinks and carbonated beverages. There are three sub-types of cube: classic, contour, and gourmet.

Classic: These cubes are square shaped and very widely used. You’ve probably see them pretty much any time you go out to eat. They are available in half sized and full sized cubes.

Contour: These cubes are flatter and therefore have higher displacement than classic cubes. That directly increases the profit margin on your drinks.

Gourmet: These cubes are round on the side and flat on the top and the bottom. Since they look much nicer than standard classic ice, they are often used in drinks that are served “on the rocks.” They also melt very slowly, making them good to use for banquet service.

Flake: Flake is the type of ice used in grocery stores, salad bars, and catering food displays. This style cools down quickly, making it ideal to pack fish and produce. Flake ice machines are also great for bars and restaurants that serve high volumes of blended cocktails or smoothies. The flakes break easily, reducing the amount of wear and tear on your commercial blenders.

Nugget: Also known as “chewable” or even “Sonic” (after the quick service chain that uses nugget ice in all of their drinks), nugget has a major consumer following. This style looks like condensed pellets of ice, and has a wide variety of uses. It is particularly popular in beverages, because it is soft, very easy to chew, and quickly absorbs the flavor of the drink. Like flake, nugget is also good for packing food (like fish and meat), food display, and blended drinks.

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