Ice Machines – The Perfect Ice-Makers

Since the origin of the food service equipment industry, ice machines are in vogue. An ice machine not only reduces the cost of investment but also ensures food safety. In restaurants ice is needed at the quickest possible time. Hence, it is very important to buy a commercial ice machine. Recently, the Redding Group has installed green energy ice machines hooked to its air conditioners to keep it cool, in the new Social Security Administration Building at Park Marina Drive, Reeding, CA. Each ‘ice bear’ (brand name of these new machines) will be able to freeze 475 gallons of water, mixed with a chemical coolant every night. The ice will be used next day by the air conditioner to cool the building.

There are various types of commercial ice machines like cylindrical, round, cracked, flaked, cubed, marine-based salt water, ozonated, and so on. Before buying an ice machine check whether it is in accordance with the shape of the ice you prefer. The ice machine should complement the beverage to be served. There are several varieties of commercial ice machine. There are specific machines for making snow cones, shaved ice, block ice, just to name a few. Besides, there are also portable ice makers.

Some basic types of ice made in ice machines are:

  • Cube ice: This type of ice is clear and can be obtained in various shapes like -rectangular, pillow-shaped, pure cube, crescent, or other regular shapes. More than 80% of ice machines sold in the U.S. make cube ice.
  • Flake ice: In this type the ice comes in chips or flakes and contain up to 20% liquid water. This ice is typically used in supermarket display cases, on fishing boats, or in places where food needs to be preserved for shorter periods. Flake ice machines are really popular.
  • Crushed ice: This consists of small, irregular pieces made by crushing larger chunks of ice. Special ice makers fitted with ice crushers are used to prepare crushed ice. You will find these ice machines in bars and restaurants.
  • Ice nuggets: Ice nuggets are made by special machines. These are used mainly to cool drinks.

All the ice machines maintain a sanitary set as standardized by the local health department. Prior to buying an ice making machine, it is important to check whether the machine is in compliance with the proper sanitary standard. If the machines are not properly sanitized it can harbor microbes.

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