Commercial Freezer Usage

Space savers with sliding doors, are typically compact units designed to save space and keep cold. Most space saver freezers include sliding glass doors that close automatically, and an illuminated display. Space savers are used to keep things just barely frozen, or at freezing temperature without actually freezing them. A handy use for space savers would be to keep drinks freezing cold, or general groceries that you want to save.

Chest freezers are for deep freezing. They are colder, and most use an environmentally friendly coolant called R-134a. This type of freezer comes in handy when you need to store something at very low temperatures for extended periods of time, for instance if you wanted to keep some meat all winter long. People tend to use these to store meat or other food so they don’t have to go to the store as often.

There are even freezers designed to go under counters and such. The thought behind these freezers was to make use of a previously wasted space under counters where you couldn’t put many things. The main use for these is to use the space under your counter for something constructive, and also provides the convenience of reaching under a counter to get something. These come in handy by giving you somewhere to store frozen goods you’ll be using without thawing them out until you are ready.

Some freezers are built to act as counter tops. They even have a cutting board and places for pans. There are many uses for such freezers. You can use them as a table to prepare food, and you can serve food on them, or it can replace a counter in your kitchen.

Always make sure your freezer is using an environmentally friendly refrigerant, such as R-134a, and that it’s set to the desired setting so you don’t waste electricity. A lot of freezers have little or no plumbing. This allows them to be moved or replaced easily. Another important feature is the widespread integration of refrigerators and freezers. Some units have a refrigerator on one side and a freezer on the other. This saves on the electricity bill, allows for extra features like the ice machines, and is very convenient.

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